Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Mallzee 2.0 Fashion App Review

I'm pleased to say that I am now working for a fantastic company called Mallzee, as a brand ambassador. I applied for this position as I really believe this is a fantastic app for fashion-lovers. I wanted to share with you all just how impressive this app is and hopefully hear some feedback from you all about it. As you know by now, online shopping is one of my favourite past times but having to search through countless tabs to find a certain item can be a huge pain. If like me, you find yourself endlessly searching for the one perfect item of clothing for an event or just a staple day-wear piece; you will understand that this is no easy task. I first heard of Mallzee through university and on closer inspection found this to be the app I was waiting for. Mallzee combines all the well-known high-street stores with an easy-to-use search feature to make online shopping easier.

Signing up to the app is easy and straight-forward and it promises to never post on your Facebook wall, which is a plus nowadays. You can set your search preferences to cater to your individual taste,
select the brands you are interested in and filter the items based on garment, colour
and price. An interesting feature to this app is the ability to vote on items on clothing in a Tinder-style function.

If a item is just not to your taste, swipe thumbs down and the app will save this information and won't show this item again. If you love the item swipe left, this saves the item for later and then will make suggestions on other similar styles and piece. It is very intuitive and the more you use it the better it gets. If you are unsure about purchasing the item you can share via your social media channels with your friends for their opinion . The social side to this app is what sets this apart, having your friends with you in a dressing room is part of the fun and with this feature the dressing room is brought into your home.

A new feature is the style-feed, which creates a custom-list based on your personal tastes and occasions. Setting up feeds can make finding items for work, nights-out or a special occasion even easier. You set and control the feed based on brand, colour, type of garment and price point. From the information entered it will create a feed for you to browse for a personal stylist experience without the expense.

For me the best thing about this app is not missing price drops on clothing. You know that feeling when you've had your eye on a dress and it hit the sale without you knowing and oh wait its sold out. You never have to feel that despair again with the price drop feature. If you've swiped to save a item of interest it will ask you if you want to know when or if the price drops. AMAZING! 

So what are you waiting for? 

Download the app today, It's completely free!