Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Pink Parcel Review : May 2015

Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box designed to arrive just before your monthly cycle. This company has been around for a while but as I always get the monthly Birchbox, I was unsure about subscribing to this. The parcel contains your choice of sanitary products with a selection of beauty products and treats. They currently have an offer on at the moment where you can try a box for the discount price of £5.99! 

You just need to input your cycle dates to calculate when you would like to receive your box. My box contained a pouch marked 'for now' containing tampons that you can easily keep in your handbag and two separate boxes of tampons. The other box marked 'for you' contained the beauty and treats for a much needed pick me up! 

Aside from the sanitary products, I received the following:

Anatomicals Botanical Hydrating Rose Face Mask

Montezuma's Organic Milk Chocolate With Butterscotch

Flamingo Candle Tropical Coconut Milk & Honey Scent Melt

L'Occitane Essential Water

Fudge Kitchen Drinking Fudge

Richard Ward Clay Mineral Masque Treatment

I really loved the selection of products and they are really well-thought out! My favourite product has to be the Flamingo Candle Wax melt, it is highly scented and I would definitely purchase this again. Overall for £5.95 I am impressed with this box but if I had paid the full price of £9.99 I'm not sure I would feel the same way. I am however really excited to test out all the products, especially the drinking fudge! I think this is really good idea but for me the price would need to be a bit lower for me to be happy to order this every month.

Have you tried the Pink Parcel Box? What are your thoughts?



Dotted Velvet

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Beauty Review: NARS Light Reflecting Setting Powder

Nars is a brand I have never really even considered buying before. I tend to stick with brands I know deliver from personal experience, but after browsing the Beauty Bazaar store in Liverpool I changed my mind. The range of foundation for pale skin is actually quite amazing and after purchasing the sheer glow foundation I was also recommended this product.

Nars Light Reflecting powder is for setting makeup and I was recommended this based on problems I have controlling excess oil on my t-zone. When I first saw it i'll admit I thought great another add on product I will never use. I have spent so much money on pre primer, primer, setting sprays and powders that I just decided to go back to basics. But this product is different, it actually works!

It is a translucent powder but looks white in the box that reflects light and keeps your makeup in place. It is not shiny and only acts as a setting product to be worn on top of your makeup. The first time I used it with my foundation I really noticed the difference at the end of the day. Usually by 9pm my makeup has mostly faded but with this powder it was still looking fresh. Other coloured powders tend to make my face look cakey and highlight my dry areas but so far I have had no problems like that with this.

I swatched the powder above, as you can see when heavily applied it looks white but once blended in it is completely translucent. It also softens the look of fine lines while fading the appearance of large pores. It feels very silky on the skin after application and only needs the odd touch up throughout the day. I use my Real technique brush for blending and it really is effortless.

Because its a pressed powder it does last for a long time, I use this product daily and after months of use I still have a lot left. This is a holy grail product especially for oil prone skin! With the summer months coming up I know how this will make a huge difference for my makeups staying power.

Do you use a setting powder? What do you think about Nars?


Dotted Velvet