Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Clothing Haul

I've started to get my summer wardrobe together and bought a few items today from New Look. I'm not usually the biggest fan of this store but in the last few months they have had some great pieces in and at very reasonable prices. Midi skirts are a huge trend for the summer and great for warmer weather. I definitely feel more confident with a longer cut skirt that isn't drawing attention to how pale my legs actually are. I am naturally a fan of florals all year round so I was immediately drawn to this print. 

90's trends have been creeping back into our wardrobes for a while now and are back in a big way this summer, think scrunchies, jelly shoes, slogan tops and tie dye. I don't religiously follow trends in my personal style but I have fallen in love with jelly shoes all over again. They are so comfortable and an easy item to team with most outfits. I don't think i'll be rocking the glitter ones this time around but hey you never know. This pair cost £10.00, which I feel is a real bargain and the floral midi skirt was in the sale at £7.00.

Everyone needs a pair of casual sandals for the summer but I just find them quite uncomfortable, especially if you're on your feet all day because most of them don't have a padded sole and are completely flat. So I think this pair of white cut out sandals are ideal. They have a little bit of a padded sole and straps around the ankle, perfect if you are extremely clumsy like me and need ankle support. The cut out pumps are £17.99 and the floral midi was £19.99.

Lastly I bought two shirts, a polka dot boxy shirt and a sheer floral day shirt. The boxy cut is everywhere at the moment and I absolutely love it. The cut of the shirts are really flattering on my body type and I own more of them then I care to admit. These items were a steal at £6.00 for the floral shirt and £7.00 for the polka dot one. I love wearing shirts because they are so versatile and can be easily dressed up or down. My favourite way to style them is by adding a ribbon under the collar and tieing it in a bow.I know that look is completely done but I just can't get enough of it in my life.

  On a side note, I think most people have noticed by now that the lack of cotton content in most garments have made most items completely see through. This is due to the rise in cotton prices, so retailers have made the decision to use less cotton and keep the price point the same. There is an interesting article about this at With this being said, the tops on sale at new look at the moment are from last season and are much better quality than the full price items. I have been looking for so long for plain tops that aren't see through and bought four different colours today at £4.00 a piece. If you are looking for day tops that aren't see through, I would recommend looking in the sale aisle because the sheer trend is going nowhere and the price hikes in cotton are undoubtedly going to keep rising.

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  1. I love shopping in New Look! The two shirts you have here are so nice; I might have to go and have a look for myself!
    Thanks for following my blog, I've followed you back on bloglovin :)
    Sophie x

  2. Hi Sophie, Thanks for your comment. I am loving New Look at the moment, It is quickly becoming my favourite shop. I'd definitely recommend popping in for a browse, there are some lovely items at 60% off! Thanks for the follow lovely. I'll be sure to check your blog out x