Thursday, 8 May 2014

Review: Lee Stafford Oily Roots And Dry Ends

I've wanted to switch up my haircare routine for a while now and with the current 3 for 2 deal at Boots it was an ideal time to have a splurge.  I am guilty of completely over styling my hair by straightening, blow drying and colouring it way too much. It has left my hair quite dry at the bottom but also having build-up product left on my roots. 

I spotted the oily roots and dry ends range and thought it was ideal for my hair type. The main selling point for me of Lee Stafford products is the smell, it has a subtle shea butter scent and leaves your hair smelling lovely. It really reminds me of Thierry Mugler's Angel Perfume. I have used a couple of the styling products in this range beforehand and I was quite impressed with the result, so I thought i'd give this a try.

The instructions on the bottle suggests to wash your hair twice with this shampoo. The first time fights the dirt and the second time is to thoroughly clean your hair. My first impression of this shampoo is that it doesn't create as much lather as I would like it to but it did definitely leave my hair feeling squeaky clean. After this, I applied the conditioner and left it to soak into my hair for a few minutes. When I rinsed it out I did immediately notice a difference in my hair texture, It didn't feel weighed down or over nourished, which I was thrilled with. 

I then applied the mask on my hair and left this work for five minutes, as advised on the packaging. The mask claims to repair, build and fix hair; It also doubles as a hair growth treatment. I do have brittle hair from all the styling and the mask claims to improve hair loss and texture. The consistency is thinner than my previous mask (Umberto Giaanni beauty secrets moisture mask) but I am intrigued by the hair growth claim. Once my hair was dry, I did notice an overall improvement. The build up on my roots had gone and the bottom of hair felt moisturized without being greasy. I would recommend this product to anyone who has problems controlling oil on the roots of your hair without drying the ends out. Being a person who religiously has to wash my hair everyday this has been a miracle product and I will be purchasing this again.

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